Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules 

  • Ladies may play from the red tees, Gentlemen will play from the white tees, those 65 years and older may choose to play from the gold tees.


  • Each player will hit a shot from the tee. The best shot is selected and all players will hit a shot from that location. Play continues in this select-shot fashion until the ball is holed out.


  • Teams are allowed one mulligan per person per round (4 mulligans total), but they must be purchased prior to the tournament start.


  • All shots will be played within one club length of the chosen shot. Club length adjustment is not intended to circumvent a ball out of play, or to advance the ball closer to the hole.


  • A ball played in the hazard may be moved out of a hazard resulting in a one-stroke penalty.


  • If playing a ball in the bunker, the original ball must be played as it lies and other balls may be placed within one club length no closer to the hole remaining in the bunker.


  • All putts must be holed out.


  • In the event of a tie, a scorecard playoff will be used beginning with a randomly selected hole.


  • In the event of an emergency situation, please follow the course’s Emergency Action Plan listed on the golf carts.

Hole Contest Information (Click on hole for more)


  • During the tournament, a Hole In One Contest on Hole 5, Par 3